We were so fortunate to ahve found Ms Anna and Ms Elisabeth to teach our two girls. They are so polite and professional, and most importnatly, our daughters are progressing so quickly. They have such an entuhusiastic and effective teaching style and are so natural with children. What an invaluable addition to the Lancaster community!

Kimarie Celse, mother of Chloe and Bianca

Would recommend Ms. Anna and Ms.elizabeth to everyone, my kids expressed wanting to learn piano and they instantly made both my daughter and son comfortable and excited. Also found it very sweet that they remembered my son’s birthday and had the room decorated for him as we arrived and sang happy birthday to him. They really care about each individual student. 

Stacey Simmet, mother of Edward and Alexis

“Mrs Elizabeth is a real professional pianist and she teaches really well! I was ablet to learn so much with her as my teacher. She is a fun and enthusiastic teacher and will help and guid you through all the sesions you would have with her!”


“Anna has been our dauther’s (10 years old) piano teacher for over a year now…words cannot descirbe how wonderful she is. She not only comes to our house for the lessons, she is always on time and very respectful towards our daughter. She is gentle in nature, kind in the way she teaches, and very observant of our daughter’s abilities and progress, making sure to guide her through her lessons in a loving and compassionate way – always encouraging her to practice more, improve her skills, and not to be shy to show how beautifully she can play. The 45 minutes spent together is focused, full of knowledge and new techniques, and every second counts!

My daughter absolutely loves her and sees her not only as a teacher, but as a friend she can trust and learn from. The love and knowledge Anna pours into her lessons is vivid from the start and it is these types of teachers that create great students and performers one day. We are so blessed to have found her and would highly recomment her to anyone looking for a long-term mentor for their child or themselves in music.”

Julie Oktanyan, mother of Nathalie

“I am impressed with Miss Anna’s unique way in teaching the piano. My kids started 18 months ago and they love it. She is very patient and gentle with kids. I feel comfortable when my kids are with her. Her love and dedication to music is apparent in her teaching. My kids look forward for their piano lessons every week.”


“Mrs Elizabeth is an amazing teacher when it comes to playing the piano. I learned how to read the notes and play the instrument fluently. Also she teaches us very well.”

Jordan Jirries

“Miss Anna, I am happy to have met you and I did not regret choosing you to be Allysa’s piano teacher. The recitals were amazing and boosted my daughter’s confidence in performing in front of the crowd. You have been a proficient teacher and I could see the great impact you’ve made in her life. I personally thank you for everything and I am looking forward to Allysa’s next performance!”

Salve Tubal, mother of Alissa

“Miss Anna has been the most wonderful piano teacher for my daughter, Katie. She is kind, profesional and patient. Also, she is great at getting my young daughter to pay attention and learn. It was one of my highlights as a parent to see my little girl play in her piano recital. Miss Anna coaxed big, amazing music out of my daughter’s sweet little hands. I would recommend her for any parent wanting their child to play piano.”

Leah Overbey, mother of Katie

“The performance was great. I’m so happy that I chose you as Serly’s piano teacher. I can see the progress every day in her and it’s all because of the details that you are teaching her. I want to say thank you for all the hard work and patient you had with Serly. Also I want to thank you for giving each and every students including Serly, the opportunity to perform!”


Alice Haghnazarian, mother of Serly

It’s been a pleasure having you as Leo’s teacher. With your teaching and experience Leo has become a really good piano player in a very short time.

Thank you for everything you done.”

Tatiana Badalian, mother of Leo

“Hello Miss Anna 🙂

First , I’d like to thank you. You made learning easy and fun. I enjoy coming to the leassons and learn something new. If I could change one thing about the lessons it would be… nothing! You are an amazing piano teacher.

Thanks you!” 

Love, Janine

“Super excited as a parent to have found Anna… We have tried 3 other piano teachers… and their approach was not at all child friendly or age level appropriate… My 9 year old girl learned to play “Swan Lake” in less than 3 months with both hands… and my 4 year old is able to read piano sheet music all because of Anna’s very smart, patient, professional and caring teaching ways. My daughters absolutely love her and can’t wait to see her every week… she is purely about teaching kids how to play the piano…not like the other teacher out there who are in it for the ‘business.’  I have referred her to my own family and friends, all of who can’t thank me enough for having found her!! 

Absolutely love Anna and look forward to continuing to work with her for a very long time!! Highly recommend her, don’t waste time looking elsewhere. And her prices are incredibly reasonable as well!”

Silvia Kradjian, mother of Megan and Nicollete

“Mrs Elizabeth was really kind, really sweet, I felt like I learned a lot. She is the nicest teacher, and I bet in the future classes that she is going to have, they are going to love her!”

Love, Nadeen

“Ms. Anna,

Thank you for everything. I don’t like to change anything. Because its perfect.”



“Miss Anna,

What a magical afternoon it was last Sunday filled with beautiful music. Thank you so much for all of your efforts and passion with the many children who played at the recital for your never ending parience teaching each and everyone. I am sure I can speak for the other parents to say how proud and happy we all were as we intetly listened to our children play the piano. Jordan and I look forward seeing you in a month.

May you be continued to be blessed as you share your talents with others.

Thanks you and God bless”

Eileen Legaspi, mother of Jordan and James

“Anna is patient and sweet teacher. My daughter loves going to piano classes and looks forward for the lesson each week. She is flexible and understanding as well. I feel good about her and will recommend her highly.”

Rita Maalouf, mother of Andrew and Mia

“Anna has been an important part of my children’s lives. She is such a great piano instructor and music teacher, overall. My kids really enjoy her; and we are completely satisfied. All three of our kids have had other piano teachers, but we saw no growth. With Anna, they all have improved tremendously. She has a sweetness about her way of teaching, as well as, exercising discipline and without wasting time. My kids are continuously engaged and interested in learning to the extent that they all want to impress her. All three remind each other to practice and do their daily piano homework because they love “Miss Anna so much!” My husband, nanny, and I all wish we had her as a teacher. I guess you are never too old to learn- we just might join the club of students. 

We hope to never lose her. The in-home lessons work well for our household and Anna is the perfect teacher.”

Rosemarie Ampil, mother of Hanna, Joshua and Mattew

“My name is Allen Bubushyan, and in the winter of 2012 my wife and I were looking for piano schools to enroll our two girls in. We had researched some local music schools in which we did not feel most confortable with. We came across Anna’s page on google and though to give a shot. It has been now nearly 9 months and both of our daughters understand and could read the musical notes. My oldest daughter Natalie is constantly playing on her piano by reading different notes off of the internet, and I thank this to Anna. Anna shows great level of experience and patience with her students, needless to say with our children. During the recital my wife and I were impressed in how well our daughter played a tune which she learned in only a few months. Also the one factor that we appreciate the most is that Anna shows love and passion in what she does, and we know she loves to share that passion with her students. We are honored to have met Anna and are looking forward to the future in seeing how well our children will progress in playing the piano.”


Allen Bubushyan, father of Nicolette and Natalie



“Dear Ms. Anna,


We appreciate what we learned from you. i wanted to play the violin but i though to myself that piano i will have more beautiful fingers. we love you very much. the first day i came to learn i knew what the difference was between violin and piano it meant that piano is the beautiful tones and fingers we have and violin is hard steps i didnt even know. 




Natalie Bubushyan