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Music is a universal language of mankind. It teaches us to explore the best of ourselves. We believe that each person has an inner quality to feel and understand music. We are committed to uncover our students’ talent and develop necessary musical skills to encourage growth and progress. It is our privilege to share our love for music with our students.”


Hands on Learning

We provide one and one instruction. Each student receives full attention and personalized suggestions from the instructor. Lessons are provided once a week for consistent development. Students improve at their own pace. We believe that music is a great teacher for anyone regardless of age, abilities and skills. We understand that it is important to never raise the voice since everyone deserves respect and encouragement. 

Our Motto
We offer a great opportunity to everyone to reach success in music and play any musical instrument of their choice with a huge pleasure. Our honor is to share knowledge and love of music with students of all ages and levels. We offer higher learning with a long tradition. For us, teaching is more than just imparting knowledge. Our primary directive is to cultivate a love of learning in our students. Learning music has a powerful influence on one’s spiritual happiness. It has a magical power to heal the mind and the soul of a person. Music gives joy and excitement to the lives of both children and adults. 
Guided Practice

We develop specific programs for each student individually. Huge variety of methods can be used to achieve success. Musical exercises such as repertoire performance, theory, sight reading, ear training, and technique are designed to build students’ skills and coordination. Students also learn to play pieces of their choice and perform at our annual recitals, recordings and exams.

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