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"Our goal is to develop musical skills for everyone who likes music.​ We believe that each person has an inner quality to understand and feel the music created by the piano."


We offer a great opportunity to everyone to reach success in music and play piano with a huge pleasure. Our honor is to share knowledge and love of music with students of all ages and levels. We offer higher learning with a long tradition. We are dedicated to helping students succeed in both professional and non professional field of piano playing. 

 For us, teaching is more than just imparting knowledge. Our primary directive is to cultivate a love of learning in our students.

Importance of Music

     In today's life music has become one of the most important factors of our lives. Learning music has a powerful imfluence on one’s spiritual happiness. It has a magical power to heal the mind and a soul of a person. Music is a great teacher for anyone regardless age, abilities and skills.

    Playing piano gives an opportunity to express one and become self confident. It brings joy and excitement to lives of both children and adults. 


We Believe In Your Success

     We help students to have fun and enjoy playing piano. We guide students to understand the importance of the music. Playing piano becomes joyful and fun experience. Students continue their practice and succeed.

     We understand that it is important to never raise the voice since everyone deserves respect and encouragement. Facing difficulties or having trouble with particular piece or performance can be solved with a special and huge variety of methods taught.


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(661) 305 0702

(213) 776 8788


4058 Del Rey Ave,  Marina Del Rey, CA, 90292


566 W. Lancaster Blvd, Lancaster, CA 93534


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